Friday, January 4, 2013

Letter to my body

Dear Body,

Hey. How’s it going? I don’t say this enough, but thanks. Thanks for being my ride through life. Even it you’re a little bit sorer and a lot pastier than ever before, I want you to know that I appreciate you. Sure, we may not always see eye-to-eye (Zits at 32, really? And that rogue chin whisker the other day? Not cool.) And you might have punished me a few times for too much wine and too much sun with raging headaches and blazing skin.

But in the long run, you’re a miracle. You’ve grown a person, been cut open and healed, run lots more miles than I thought you ever could, spooned, snuggled, smiled, cried, hugged, and kissed. You’re always with me and put up with a lot. I promise to do my best to give you lots of good food and water, more bubble baths and more sleep, and many, many more hugs.




  1. you never cease to amaze me! What an amazing resolution and one we could all learn from! Your body will also appreciate the fine wine you have resolved to exclusively drink.

    1. Thanks, Rosie! We should never forget that it's better to drink crappy wine with friends than good wine alone. : )