Wednesday, August 29, 2012

If you don't get some damn peaches you're dead to me

I love me a cold beer on a summer night (or day), but when it comes to hard alcohol, I’m a lightweight of the most pathetic sort. Which explains why, after a single slurp of my peach-vodka granita mixture (for recipe-testing purposes only), I had a very slight buzz on a Tuesday afternoon. I was quite ashamed of this, of course. But when the recipe Gods call, I must heed.

Making granita accomplished several things:
  • I got to use some hard-won peaches. My friend Rosie and I recently decided that a hot humid day in mid-August would be a good time to push toddlers in strollers up a steep, rocky, quarter-mile hill in order to pick peaches at a local farm. Our friendship was tested when I almost gave up at the top of the hill, and Rosie gave me a sweaty and breathless ultimatum: “If you don’t get some damn peaches, you’re dead to me.”
  • It allowed me to use some of the vodka that’s been taking up space in my freezer since I got it in a Yankee Swap many years ago.
  • It made me seem much fancier than I really am because doesn’t granita just sound so gourmet and fabulous?
  • It's an easy, thrown-together dessert/cocktail all rolled into one. Here's how easy it is.
Recipe: Peach-vodka granita
Serves two, but it doubles easily
  1. Wait until your peaches are very, very ripe (right around the time a well-meaning houseguest might suggest that you put them in the refrigerator instead of keeping them on the counter).
  2. Peel, pit, and blend 3 or 4 of them in the food processor, to yield about 1 ½ cups of peach puree.
  3. Add ¼ cup of vodka (add more if you like more, or just leave it out), about 10 drops of bitters (a totally non-essential ingredient, but a nice touch if you happen to have them), and 1 tablespoon of honey. Give it another swirl in the food processor until everything’s nice and smooth.
  4. Pour it into a plastic storage container, cover, and freeze it overnight.
  5. To serve, scrape it with a fork to make a kind of thick slush and mound it up all pretty in a glass.
  6. Garnish with a mint leaf (or maybe some candied ginger?) for guests or simply devour in your pajamas with the freezer door still open if you’re alone.

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  1. Love this post! I feel the same about apple picking, every year I'm SO EXCITED to go but it always ends up being really hot. We went with Rosie once and she struggled so much with the carriage, only to realize when we got back to the bottom that there was a full apple stuck in the wheel