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There are two kinds of food: Food porn and food for real-life.
Food porn is made in beautiful, airy spaces where bright golden light always gleams off of clean white countertops. It’s made by leaning out your kitchen window to pluck a few sprigs of fresh herbs from a garden box. It’s DIY all the time and everything heirloom and artisan and local. It’s the best vanilla and farm-fresh eggs and homemade granola in bags tied with brown twine and artfully placed mason jars packed with flowers. It lives in images in every beautiful blog and food magazine that I wish my kitchen table, my house, my life could look like.
Real-life food is made with kids and cats under foot, in the tight, cramped spaces between waking and sleeping and working, in kitchens that are messy and cluttered and too small. It’s DIY when you can and store-bought when you can’t. It’s too salty sometimes and often a little burnt around the edges. It’s promising your husband you’ll never make this again. It's a piece of minced garlic hopping out of the sizzling hot oil of the sautee pan and landing directly in your eye. It’s rolling out dough on a kitchen table where the mail is pushed hastily to one side and your daughter’s rolling out Play-Do on the other. It lives outside the pages of magazines and in apartments and condos and houses everywhere. Including mine.

For all the real-food people with food-porn aspirations...this blog is for you.

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