Wednesday, November 23, 2016

$20 and 20 minutes: A last-minute Thanksgiving table

If you have $20 minutes and 20 minutes, you can pull off a pretty, last-minute Thanksgiving tablescape with just a few items from the grocery store:
  • A bouquet of Thanksgiving-colored flowers: $10.00
  • 6 pears: $2.00
  • 8-oz Mason jars: $8.00
Cut the flowers so the blooms are just sticking out of the jelly jars, and place the little vases at even intervals down the length of your table. The jelly jars are not only pretty, rustic, cheap, and reusable for a variety of things (I'm using the rest to serve a seasonal cocktail), but they're also low enough that folks can see each other across the table. 

Choose pears with a flat-ish bottom (so they can stand up) and a long stem, if you'd like to use them to affix name tags. I used forelle pears because they have a pretty deep-red and sage-speckled hue. 

Either place the pears between each of the jelly jars along the center of the table or use them as place settings on top of the plates.

Extras: Handmade name tags, pretty ribbon, rosemary sprigs tucked around the pears (you might already have rosemary in the house if you're making a turkey!)

Happy Thanksgiving!
Love to all! 

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